Hakanen Cottage in Finland

"This is a photo of the Hakanen Cottage in Finland. This cottage was purchased by my Great Grandfather, Mikko, in 1882. He and his wife Anna had four or five children at the time. They were: Edla, Issac, Mikko, Hilma and possible my Grandfather, John, who was born that same year. I believe this is when my Great Grandfather took the surname, Hakanen. This was the tradition at that time, Hakanen means small house with a pasture. Great Grandfathers father's surname was Panula. He was a lease holder of a tenant farm called Hooseli. Hosseli was where Great Grandfather Mikko was born. Hosseli and the Hakanen cottage are both in the village of Jokipii. Therefore it is hard to determine what Great Grandfathers surname was prior to purchasing the Hakanen property. Pirkko explains the location of the house this way: The Hakanen house is fairly near, but somewhere in Ahonkyla(Aho Village), which is on the other side of the river. I presume closer to the Jokipii side rather than the Kurikka side. There is a fabulous linen factory very close to Jokipii called Jokipiin Pellava (www.jokipiinpellava.fi) .  It is worth visiting, you can get coffee there, too and as the family has been around a very long time, they might even be able to help. This email was to Janet who is planning on visiting Finland. After this email, Pirkko visited Finland and tried to locate the Hakanen house. She reports that it is no longer there.

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