Snedden siblings, spouses and children

This group picture is of the Snedden Clan. Grandma and Grandpa Whitsell were married about nine years when this was taken. All the sons and daughters are here with their spouses and some of the children. The three eldest Whitsell daughters, Ethel, Blanch and Mildred, are here. Fleming would come along in four years. Then Sylvia seven years after that and finally Doris in eleven. Back row from left are: Eli Snedden, his wife Lilly(Whitsell), Allen Snedden, his wife Lizzie (Leonard), Jack Brown, Mary Ellen Snedden, J.P. Whitsell, His wife Sarah (Snedden) Whitsell. Robert Snedden, his wife Alice, Johnny Snedden. Next row, left to right :Ethel Whitsell, May Grace and Arthur Snedden (Bob's children). Next row has Grandpa Snedden, Grandma (McKisson) Snedden, with Violet Snedden (Allen and Lizzie's daughter) on Grandma Snedden's lap. Bottom row left to right: Blanche Whitsell, Carrie and Mary Robinson (Mary Ellen Snedden's daughters), Mildred Whitsell, Johnny Robinson (Mary Ellen's son), Clarence and Everett Snedden (Eli's sons), Bill Snedden. Robert and Sarah (Mckisson) Snedden are in the center and the baby on Sarah's lap is Violet Snedden (Allen and Lizzies daughter).'

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