Greatgrandparents Snedden and grandkids

These are all the children taken the same day as the large family picture. Johnny Robinson, on the bottom row, is visible in this picture. His image was blurred in the first group photo. Back row left to right are: Ethel Whitsell, Mae Snedden (Bob's daughter), Grandpa Snedden, Grace Snedden (Bob's daughter), Grandma Snedden with Violet Snedden on her lap(Allen's daughter), Arthur Snedden (Bob's son), Mary Robinson (Mary Ellen's daughter). Front row: Mildred Whitsell, Carrie Robinson (Mary Ellen's daughter), Johnny Robinson (Mary Ellen's son), Everett Snedden (Eli's son), Clarence Snedden (Eli's son), Blanche Whitsell.

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