This is Grandma (Kivistö) Hakanen's parents with Grandma's sisters the one on the right is the grandmother of our cousins

I believe this photo was taken around the time my grandmother came to America. Grandma was the last of the siblings who came to America. Grandma had six siblings older than her. Four of the six, like her, came to America. Grandma was a twin. Her twin brother died about six months after their birth. There were five siblings born after Grandma. Two died in infancy. The remaining three are shown in this photo. Edla Matilda (on the left) was two years younger than Grandma. Eliina Johanna (center) was the youngest sibling, ten years younger than Grandma. Lempi Amelia (right), five years younger, was the Grandmother of the cousins who met with Arja on November 26, 2011.

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