My grandmothers name was Sarah Sophia (Sade) SNEDDEN. She was born on 28 Jan 1883 in Clarion, PA.  She died in Indiana, Indiana, PA. on 30 Dec 1974, she was 91. She was buried in Ebensburg Cemetary in Cambria county PA.

On 17 Sep 1900 (she was 17), she married Joseph Pearl (JP) WHITSELL, in Ebensburg, Cambria county, PA.

Sarah’s father was Robert SNEDDEN. Born on 21 Jun 1847 in Scotland. Robert died on 23 Jan 1920, he was 72. He is buried in Mundy’s Corner, PA.  He married Sarah MCKISSON in circa 1877.  He was 29 years old.

His wife Sarah( MCKISSON) SNEDDEN was born on 25 Nov 1856 in Clarion, PA. She died on 20 Dec 1946, she was 90. Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, N.Y.

Robert SNEDDEN’s father was also named Robert.  He was born in Scotland.  Date and other details are unknown at this point. His wife was named Jeanie.  Her last name and other details are unknown at this point.

My grandmother Sarah’s grandfather was Silas MCKISSON. Born on 7 Feb 1832 in Clarion County, PA. Silas died at Greenville Ave., Clarion, PA on 30 Jul 1903, he was 71.  He was buried on 2 Aug 1903 in Clarion Cemetary, Clarion, PA.

His wife was Auguste Louisa (STROHMAYER) MCKISSON.  They married On 6 Sep 1855 when Silas was 23 and Augusta was 20.

Auguste Louisa (STROHMAYER) MCKISSON was born in May 1837 in Hanover, Germany. Auguste Louisa died in Memorial Home, Brookville, PA on 9 Jul 1920, she was 83.

Auguste’s father was Frederick STROHMAYER. Born ca 4 Jul 1802 in Koenigshoff, Hanover, Germany. Frederick died in Beaver Twp., Clarion County PA on 16 Aug 1879, he was 77. he is buried in Blairs Corners Cemetery, Clarion PA.

Frederick married Hannah Johanna (??). Details of their marriage are not available at this time.

Hannah Johanna  was born circa 13 Feb 1805 in Hanover, Germany.  She died in Beaver Twp., Clarion County PA on 28 Jul 1898, she was 93. Buried in Blairs Corners Cemetery, Clarion PA.