My grandmothers name was Sarah Sophia (Sade) SNEDDEN. She was born on 28 Jan 1883 in Clarion, PA.  She died in Indiana, Indiana, PA. on 30 Dec 1974, she was 91. She was buried in Ebensburg Cemetary in Cambria county PA.

On 17 Sep 1900 (she was 17), she married Joseph Pearl (JP) WHITSELL, in Ebensburg, Cambria county, PA.

Sarah’s father was Robert SNEDDEN. Born on 21 Jun 1847 in Scotland. Robert died on 23 Jan 1920, he was 72. He is buried in Mundy’s Corner, PA.  He married Sarah MCKISSON in circa 1877.  He was 29 years old.

His wife Sarah( MCKISSON) SNEDDEN was born on 25 Nov 1856 in Clarion, PA. She died on 20 Dec 1946, she was 90. Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, N.Y.

Robert SNEDDEN’s father was also named Robert.  He was born in Scotland.  Date and other details are unknown at this point. His wife was named Jeanie.  Her last name and other details are unknown at this point.

My grandmother Sarah’s grandfather was Silas MCKISSON. Born on 7 Feb 1832 in Clarion County, PA. Silas died at Greenville Ave., Clarion, PA on 30 Jul 1903, he was 71.  He was buried on 2 Aug 1903 in Clarion Cemetary, Clarion, PA.

His wife was Auguste Louisa (STROHMAYER) MCKISSON.  They married On 6 Sep 1855 when Silas was 23 and Augusta was 20.

Auguste Louisa (STROHMAYER) MCKISSON was born in May 1837 in Hanover, Germany. Auguste Louisa died in Memorial Home, Brookville, PA on 9 Jul 1920, she was 83.

Auguste’s father was Frederick STROHMAYER. Born ca 4 Jul 1802 in Koenigshoff, Hanover, Germany. Frederick died in Beaver Twp., Clarion County PA on 16 Aug 1879, he was 77. he is buried in Blairs Corners Cemetery, Clarion PA.

Frederick married Hannah Johanna (??). Details of their marriage are not available at this time.

Hannah Johanna  was born circa 13 Feb 1805 in Hanover, Germany.  She died in Beaver Twp., Clarion County PA on 28 Jul 1898, she was 93. Buried in Blairs Corners Cemetery, Clarion PA.


1 Joseph Pearl (JP) WHITSELL. Born on 18 Aug 1881 in Punxsutawney, Jefferson, PA. Joseph Pearl (JP) died in Johnstown, Cambria, PA on 3 Jun 1967, he was 85. Buried in Ebensburg Cem., Cambria, PA. Occupation: Coal Miner, Foreman.

On 17 Sep 1900 when Joseph Pearl (JP) was 19, he married Sarah Sophia (Sade) SNEDDEN, in Ebensburg, Cambria, PA.

2 William WHITSELL. Born in Jan 1846 in Punxsutawney, PA. William died on 29 Mar 1931, he was 85. Buried in Punxsutawney, PA.

William married Mary Anna BUSH.

3 Mary Anna BUSH. Born in 1854. Mary Anna died in 1918, she was 64.

4 Jonathan WHITSELL. Born in 1807 in PA.

Jonathan married Elizza (Elizabeth) SALTSGIVER.

5 Elizza (Elizabeth) SALTSGIVER. Born in 1826 in PA.

6 James BUSH. Born ? in PA.

James married (???) NICELY.

7 (???) NICELY. Born ? in PA.


My Grandmother Maria Sofia (Mary) KIVISTO was born on 20 July 1889 in Seinajoki, Vassa, Finland She emigrated to America in 1906, she was 17. She came with her brother Jacob’s wife and their 2 children. They arrived on the ship Astraea.   She married my grandfather, John Hakanen, January 23, 1907. She died on 11May 1966 in Nanty-Glo, Cambria County, PA. She was buried in the Finn Cemetery, Nanty-Glo Pa.

Grandmother Mary’s father was Johan Salomonpioka KIVISTO born on 23 April 1857 in Seinajoki, Vassa, Finland. He married Justiina Amalia LAHTI 17 October 1875. He died on 28 August 1926 in Seinajoki.

His wife (Marys mother) was Justiina Amalia LAHTI born 23 March 1853 in Seinajoki. She died in Seinajoki, 18 May 1929.

Grandmother Marys paternal grandparents were: Salomon Davidinpoika KIVISTO, born 10 August 1826 and died 2 October 1890 in Seinajoki and Sauna Johannintytar ALA-KORTESINIEMI, born October 1827 on Kortesniemi Farm, Nurmo, Vaasa, Finland. She died on 29 April 1917 in Seinajoki.

Grandma Mary’s mother’s parents were: Salomon Marinpoika LAHITI born 12 August 1815 on Ala-Kortesoja Farm, Lapua, Vassa Finland. He died on 14 March 1868 and Sanna Jaakontytar HAVILA who was born 8 October 1821 on Rintala Farm, Ilmajoki, Vaasa, Finland. She died on 12 August 1874 in Seinajoki.

For Grandmother (KIVISTO) Hakanen’s fourth generation grandparents we have this information:

Juho Daavid Jeremiaanpoika LANGSTROM, born 27 June 1797 in Nurmo, Vaasa, Finland. He died 14 July 1857 on the Uppa Farm in Seinajoki. He married Lisa Antintytar (surname unknown) on 27 December 1824 in Nurmo.

Lisa Antintytar (?) was born on 24 November 1803 in Holsola, Ylistro, Vaasa, Finland. She moved to Ilmajoki parish in 1862.

We also have: Juho Iisakinpoika ALA-KORTESINIEMI, born 12 September 1789 on Niemisto Farm, Nurmo, Vaasa Finland. He married Kaisa Yrjontytar (surname unknown) 13 November 1814 in Nurmo. His wife was born 28 June 1790 on Ala-Kortesniemi Farm. She died 9 July 1861, on the farm where she was born, the Ala-Kortesniemi farm.

The following report provides information that has been gathered, thus far, regarding Wes’s Grandfather’s ancestry:

1 Juho Jaakko (John) HAKANEN. Born on 30 Jul 1882 in Jalasjarvi, Vassa, Finland. Juho Jaakko (John) died in Nanty-Glo Cambria, PA. on 7 Apr 1960, he was 77. Buried in Finn Cemetery, Nanty-Glo PA. Occupation: Coal Miner.On 23 Jan 1907 when Juho Jaakko (John) was 24, he married Maria Sofia (Mary) KIVISTO.

2 Mikko Elias HAKANEN. Born on 25 Jun 1853 in Jalasjarvi, Vassa Finland. Mikko Elias died in Jalasjarvi, Vassa, Finland on 6 Apr 1925, he was 71.Mikko Elias married Anna Kustaava Kreetantytar KURKIISO.

3 Anna Kustaava Kreetantytar KURKIISO. Born on 22 Dec 1850 in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland. Anna Kustaava Kreetantytar died in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 7 Apr 1921, she was 70.

4 Elias Mikonpoika PANULA. Born on 14 Apr 1819 in Vesterberg Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland. Elias Mikonpoika died in Harri Farm, Haseli Ten.Farm, Finland on 21 Oct 1859, he was 40. Occupation: Lease Holder of Tenant Farm.On 11 Nov 1847 when Elias Mikonpoika was 28, he married Maija Juhontytar KANNOSTO, in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland.

5 Maija Juhontytar KANNOSTO. Born on 14 Jul 1824 in Rinta-Opas Farm, Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland. Maija Juhontytar died in Haapala Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 5 Nov 1891, she was 67.

6 Anna Kustaava’s Father UNKNOWN.Anna Kustaava’s Father married Kreeta Israelintytar KURKIISO.

7 Kreeta Israelintytar KURKIISO. Born on 13 Jul 1824 in Virrat, Hame, Finland. Kreeta Israelintytar died in Peraseinajoki, Vaasa, Finland on 8 Feb 1891, she was 66.

8 Mikko Jaakonpoika PANULA. Born on 27 Sep 1773 in Valkama Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland. Mikko Jaakonpoika died in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 20 Jul 1857, he was 83. Occupation: Lease Holder.On 21 Apr 1811 when Mikko Jaakonpoika was 37, he married Marketta Pekantytar HOISKA, in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland.

9 Marketta Pekantytar HOISKA. Born on 11 Feb 1784 in Hoiska Farm, Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland. Marketta Pekantytar died in Jalasjärvi, Vaasa, Finland on 24 Jun 1856, she was 72.

10 Juho Juhonpoika KANNOSTO. Born on 9 Jun 1796 in Alavus, Vaasa, Finland. Juho Juhonpoika died in Valkama Farm, Kannosto Ten Farm, Jalasjarvi, Finland on 4 Jun 1864, he was 67. Occupation: Tenant Farmer.On 24 Jun 1822 when Juho Juhonpoika was 26, he married Liisa Juhontytar KANGASNIEMI, in Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland.

11 Liisa Juhontytar KANGASNIEMI. Born on 23 Feb 1797 in Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland. Liisa Juhontytar died in Kannosto Ten Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 18 Apr 1868, she was 71.

12 Jaakko Martinpoika VALKAMA. Born on 27 Jun 1745 in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland. Jaakko Martinpoika died in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 29 Aug 1828, he was 83. Occupation: Tenant Farmer.On 11 May 1766 when Jaakko Martinpoika was 20, he married Marketta Joosepintytar ?, in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland.

13 Marketta Joosepintytar ? Born on 23 Dec 1746 in Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland. Marketta Joosepintytar died in Tukeva Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 4 Oct 1808, she was 61.

14 Pekka Jaakonpoika HOISKA. Born on 2 Oct 1730 in Hoiska Farm, Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland. Pekka Jaakonpoika died in Hoiska Farm, Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland on 21 Jun 1798, he was 67.In 1783 when Pekka Jaakonpoika was 52, he married Anna Erkintytar ?, in Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland.

15 Anna Erkintytar ? Born on 26 Nov 1756 in Komsi Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland. Anna Erkintytar died in Latva-Hoiska Farm, Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland on 14 May 1809, she was 52.

16 Juho Matinpoika KANGASNIEMI. Born on 26 Dec 1763 in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland. Juho Matinpoika died in Kangasniemi Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 23 Jul 1814, he was 50. Occupation: Farmer.On 3 Oct 1790 when Juho Matinpoika was 26, he married Heta Juhontytar AHLROT, in Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland.

17 Heta Juhontytar AHLROT. Born on 20 Jun 1763 in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland. Heta Juhontytar died in Valkama Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 30 Jan 1838, she was 74.

18 Matti Eliaanpoika KANGASNIEMI. Born on 21 Jan 1733 in Ilmajoki, Vaasa, Finland. Matti Eliaanpoika died in Opas Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 5 Apr 1804, he was 71. Occupation: Tailor.On 1 Dec 1754 when Matti Eliaanpoika was 21, he married Johanna Johuntytar OPAS, in Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland.

19 Johanna Johuntytar OPAS. Born on 4 Apr 1733 in Opas Farm, Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland. Johanna Johuntytar died in Opas Farm, Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 25 Jan 1789, she was 55.

20 Juho Heikenpoika AHLROT. Born on 18 Dec 1730 in Homi Farm, Kurikka, Vaasa, Finland. Juho Heikenpoika died in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland on 24 Feb 1774, he was 43. Occupation: Soldier.On 24 Feb 1754 when Juho Heikenpoika was 23, he married Susanna Jaakontytar ?, in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland.

21 Susanna Jaakontytar ? Born on 23 Jan 1731 in Jalasjarvi, Vaasa, Finland.